Buddy the graduate

When we first got Buddy in 2008 I took him to beginning obedience training at PetSmart. He did really well, earning the class angel award and winning the fastest sit, fastest come and longest stay (with a steady stream of treats being shoved into his mouth) contests his last day.

Buddy Dec. 2008

Things got busy and I never got around to signing him up for the intermediate class. This year I decided he could use a little socialization and a little reminder of just exactly who is the boss. So it was back to Petsmart for intermediate training. He was the oldster with three (later two when one changed classes) six-month-old puppies. One was a little Maltese/something mix and the other an Australian shepherd/border collie mix who looked like he’d rather be anywhere else but school. Buddy did really well. He learned to sit and stay with distractions (food and two types of toys) and with me out of sight. Of course he can’t do either for very long, but he’s getting there.

Another thing they learned to was to go to their bed and stay there until told otherwise no matter what is going on around them. Well, Buddy’s bedding from his crate is pretty bad so I pulled out an old bed we bought years ago for Kallie. Kallie has had no interest whatsoever in that bed. Until we passed it down to Buddy and she noticed when Buddy got in it  he got a treat. So she decided she’d try that out herself.

I'm in the bed, I'm supposed to get treats

She normally doesn’t get that cozy with Buddy, but she’ll do anything if there’s a chance of a treat. If Buddy doesn’t get a treat in about three minutes  he gives up and wanders off. Kallie will sit there for 30 minutes if there’s any possibility of food coming her way.

Last night was graduation and Buddy won the class clown award. The trainer assured me that was a good thing and meant Buddy was a lot of fun. It seems a far cry from class angel, though! She also said when Buddy focuses he blows the other dogs out of the water. I said he should since he’s three years older than the other dogs. The key phrase there is “when he focuses”. Right. Our little ADD dog.

Here’s Buddy in his graduation cap this time around. Three years older and about six months smarter! Notice his lack of ears. We had them shaved down to nothing to take care of some bad mats.


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