Katy is 10!

Today is Katy’s official birthday. She spent all afternoon playing at a friend’s house but said she kept checking the clock for 4:05 when she would officially be 10 years old. Her requested birthday dinner was delivery pizza and ice cream cake. We ate pizza and then invited two other friends, Catherine and Elizabeth, over for cake.

Make a wish!

After cake it was time to open presents. She got a book and an American Girl suitcase for Lanie. And we surprised her with an mp3 player. It’s a Sony, nothing fancy, but she wasn’t expecting it and was very surprised. We did explain to her that’s it’s not an iPod but she was fine with that.

Look what I got!

Now I get to figure out how to put her CDs on it. She told me to be sure to put Alvin and the Chipmunks on there.

Now that Katy’s birthday is over I get to think about Heath’s birthday next Sunday!

One thought on “Katy is 10!

  1. Wow, what a pretty cake. Glad you had a good birthday. I had to get a new computer. Mine crashed before the weekend and it took awhile to get a new one up and running. Love you, Gramma

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