Halloween at Gardens of Roswell

With being busy over the summer and getting into school we haven’t been out to Gardens of Roswell since June. We went out there this afternoon and did some Halloween activities with the residents. I think the highlight was probably when a gentleman said to me “You’re a nice little fellow. I mean little girl”. If you want to feel young, go to a nursing home! We had a big crowd, about 12 residents. I think that’s the biggest we’ve had. Kim, the activities director, says they’ve gotten a lot of new residents. They’ve gotten a lot of new residents who like to do stuff. There were several new faces there and a few ladies we’ve seen lots of times.

We started out with GHOST bingo. We played three games and one lady won twice. We had Pez dispensers for prizes.

Katy calling bingo (or ghost!)

For a craft activity, I bought foam pumpkins and self-stick decorations. This was a very popular activity. One of the residents took two letter Os, turned them into eyes and made eyebrows out of crescent moons. There was some real creativity at work.

Decorating foam pumpkins
The finished product

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