Chattapoochee Pet Fest

The Chattapoochee Pet Fest was today at the Duluth Town Green. I didn’t think we would make it, but then we didn’t make it to church and I found out that my friend Holly was going to be at the Atlanta Cavalier Club’s meet-the-breed tent. So I rounded up Buddy and Katy and off we went. Unfortunately we just missed Holly at the tent. But it was still fun.

When we first got there we ran straight into Clifford the Big Red Dog. Katy was a huge Clifford fan when she was a pre-schooler and she was pretty excited to see him.

Then we headed over to see the Cavaliers. We missed Holly but met the owner of Buddy’s dad, so that was pretty neat. Buddy behaved himself well. He only embarrassed me once. At the Cavalier tent he stuck his nose into a box that looked like it had a cupcake in it. Well, putting something like that on the ground around a bunch of dogs is asking for trouble anyway.

Katy loved all the Cavaliers
Buddy met a few Cavaliers, too!

We missed the costume contest, but there were lots of costumed dogs wandering around. We saw a dachshund dressed as a hot dog and a dachshund dressed as a Dalmatian. On the way out, Buddy hit the jackpot. We stopped at a tent for a company called Lose a Finger treats. They have treats in flavors such as slow-roasted brisket, cheddar cheese bacon and crunchy peanut butter balls. Buddy got several samples and I think he would have gone home with those people!

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