Lemonade Wars — It’s on

Kids care — about lemonade, cookies and curing childhood cancer.

Katy was very excited to join the fourth and fifth grade Kids Care Club. It’s not a club in that you join and meet once a week and have officers and stuff. The parent volunteers in charge come up with service opportunities, send permission slips home with all fourth and fifth graders and whoever wants to can stay for the meetings. So you might do one or two or you might go to all of them. The first project was Lemonade Wars to support an organization called Cure Childhood Cancer. At the meeting at school, the kids heard about the organization, heard from a fellow student who had an “older baby sister” die from cancer (born and died before this little girl was born) and made posters for the lemonade stands. The idea was for the different subdivisions to have lemonade stands at the same time, selling for the same price and see who brings in the most money.

Then another set of permission slips went home to see who wanted to do a lemonade stand and which parents were willing to coordinate it. I figured our subdivision wouldn’t have a big response, so I offered to be a coordinator. I was right, only one other Colony Glen child signed up. So we were paired with a neighboring subdivision that had three children from two families sign up and no willing coordinator. I figured little kids have lemonade stands all the time, how hard can it be?

The cookies were tempting the kids

And it really wasn’t that hard. We had it over at Willow Run. The biggest thing was how much lemonade? I had every family bring two gallons. Ha! We only sold about two gallons. I wish I thought to count the cups. I had a partial bag of cups we finished off so I don’t even know how many we started with. A couple of parents brought cookies and I think we may have sold more cookies than lemonade. I know we had a few cookie-only customers.

It was a busy little stand. We had a family come by with several adults and little kids. We kept a running total and they had $8 worth of purchases. And at one point, we had several cars lined up, so I had to the kids do curb-service.

We had a crowd!

In the end we made $94.24. I imagine we’ll come in last. I printed up flyers and we passed them out to Dolvin families around the subdivision and to other neighbors. We must have given out 30 flyers. We had two Colony Glen customers — the dads of the two volunteers. I have several ideas for things to do differently next year, but my biggest idea is to let someone else do it!

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