Wild Weekend

Well, it was a wild Saturday, anyway. Today was Autry Mill’s Wild Weekend. We’ve never been before and Katy thought it sounded fun. She got bit by a turtle and peed on by a ladybug. The event was all about animals, mostly bugs. Mr. Ben did a reptile show but we weren’t able to stay for that.

First stop was the bug tent. You guessed it, a tent full of bugs, mostly lots of ladybugs and a few crickets.

I can see ladybugs all over Katy,
I hope we didn’t bring any home!

The next stop was the petting zoo. There were two types of turtles and you could feed them live worms. I wasn’t interested in that, but Katy was all for it.

Feeding the turtle. You can kind of see the worm in Katy’s hand

The best way to feed the turtle was to dangle the worm and when Katy tried that, the turtle got the worm but it also got Katy’s finger. She said his teeth were flat, so it didn’t hurt too bad. A dad decided to feed a turtle and his worm knew what was coming and was having no part of it. It kept curling around the man’s finger. The turtle also knew what was coming and had his mouth wide open. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that!

Turtle with a worm in his mouth.

The petting area also had rabbits, bunnies and ducks. Katy didn’t have much luck with the ducks but she did hold several bunnies.

The classroom had several interesting exhibits. There were vertebrae the size of softballs from a snake, I don’t want to know how big the snake was! Also, turtle shell bone with the spine and ribs intact. It never occurred to me that a turtle shell was a bone, I’ve only ever seen them with the skin.

A professional puppet company did a show on the life cycle of Katie and Kevin Caterpillar. It was really cute and informative and the kids really enjoyed it. “All aboard the monarch express for free, all-expenses-paid vacation to Mexico.” That sounds good to me! There were also bird feeders and puppets to make, face-painting and Mrs. Judy, a regular volunteer and expert on farm life, talking about farm animals and letting the kids “milk” a rubber glove attached to a fake cow. Katy liked the milking, too.

For the Wildlife Girl Scout badge Katy was supposed to take up-close photos of the details of an animal or plant, so she took these of the turtles. It wasn’t easy, those turtles are faster than you would think.


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