Saturday night at the fair

So I managed to drag Heath out the door to go to the Gwinnett County Fair. I thought Katy would really enjoy the exhibits. And she did, what little there was. There were several sheep that were being judged while we were there, a few cows and two goats. No small animals at all. Katy got up close to a sheep while Heath talked with the sheep’s grandmother.

Then it was over to check out the non-animal exhibits. There were lots of photographs and textile entries. Not as many fruits and vegetables. I didn’t get a picture of the third-place sweet potato that looked like a turkey.

Close up of the seeds in a sunflower

After the exhibits it was time to tackle the rides. It wasn’t really a ride, but Katy has always wanted to do the bungee jump thing and has never gotten a chance for some reason or another. Tonight she finally got her chance.

She’s not quite heavy enough, so the operator had to yank her down by her feet a couple of times. But she got some pretty good height.

Katy wanted to ride something called the Crazy Mouse and I thought it looked pretty tame. Then we got on it. I should have called it quits back at the tilt-a-whirl and just watched. This ride was kind of a combination of a roller coaster and the tilt-a-whirl. I found the best way to survive that was just to close my eyes. I didn’t get any photos — too busy holding on to my glasses — but I found this video. Like I said, it doesn’t look like much, but every time you spun around or turned a corner you thought you’d be flung off. Katy thought it was great and Heath enjoyed it. I wanted my money back!

After the mouse, I felt the need for a funnel cake to calm my nerves!

So that was our exciting night at the fair.

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