My sweet Kallie …

… who never gets into trouble. This morning when I got back about 7:15 from taking Katy to the bus stop I couldn’t find Kallie anywhere. Checked all her usual places including my and Heath’s closets. Started to panic. Rattle the treat bag. No Kallie. I knew she couldn’t have gotten outside, I would have seen her. She’s 11 with a heart problem so she’s kind of living on borrowed time at this point. Heath was asleep and I was trying to be quiet. Finally I opened the door to the closet where the vacuum cleaner is. It squeaks loudly and gets Kallie’s attention. She came shooting out of Katy’s room, barking. I ushered her into the living room and closed the gate that keeps Buddy out of the back of the house where the bedrooms and bathrooms are. Then lay down on the couch to take a nap.

About 9:30 I wake up and look at Kallie and there’s a sucker stick hanging off her ear. Two of them, in fact.


Kallie never gets into anything. But I remembered that huge haul of candy from the Old Soldier’s Day Parade. That Katy’s been keeping in her room.

Mother lode of parade candy

I only let Katy keep a quart-sized Ziplock bag full and it was about half-full yesterday. So I start putting two and two together and glance into Katy’s room. Sure enough, that bag of candy is on the floor. I go show Heath the sticks in Kallie’s ear and then head back to the living room to take a picture (of course!) and cut the sticks out. She has chunks of candy all in her fur. Heath hollers from the hall “Have you seen Katy’s room?”. It looked like a candy massacre had happened. Sticks, wrappers and half-eaten candy everywhere.

Gathered-up remains of the feast

Thankfully there were no chocolate or sugar-free items so she didn’t get anything dangerous. She got a belly full of sugar and food coloring in the form of Dum-dums, smarties, mints, those little strawberry candies and one piece of bubble gum. A Swedish fish and a few mints were chewed but not eaten. She must have been going after those when I rattled the vacuum-cleaner door. I called the vet just in case, they said just to look for tummy troubles. She must have had a stomach ache because she spent the day slinking around the house and giving me dirty looks like I was the reason she was sick.

Well, I hope Kallie enjoyed her treat. They said she might be more hyper but I haven’t noticed anything. I’m sure all that extra sugar is just what her poor sick little heart really needs! And Buddy missed it all.

2 thoughts on “My sweet Kallie …

  1. Kallie must have gotten back there before we went to the bus stop. While we were gone Buddy was in his crate. With that gate closed he can't go down the hall. He missed the whole thing.

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