All things H20

Katy tests a water sample for its ph level

Well, I didn’t think to take the camera, so thanks to a Johns Creek Patch photographer for the above photo. Today was another day all about water. One of Katy’s favorite end of summer activities is Water Day at Autry Mill Nature Preserve. She was most excited about the inflatable water slide and slip-n-slide but I headed her off to the water science lab first.

We were the only ones in the lab so Katy spent about 45 minutes doing activities and being shown the different exhibits. The lab was run by John Compton who is Autry Mill’s expert on pretty much everything. Last November we went for Native American Heritage Day and he was showing the kids all the different rocks and how they were used for weapons and tools and how to shoot a bow and arrow. At another history day he had a trunk that had belonged to a Civil War soldier and was untouched by the soldier’s family when he died from illness immediately after the war. So that day he was a Civil War expert. Today, it was all water.

There were several jars with water from various places around the center: the tap, the creek, wetlands, duck pond, pond without ducks (therefore no duck poop) and maybe one other. Katy tested the wetlands and duck pond water for ph and nitrates. She also saw hydrogen and oxygen separated by electricity (something she’s done before), learned why oil and water don’t mix and that because water has polarity you can put a magnet near water like from a faucet and the water will bend toward the magnet. We need to get a strong magnet and try this out at home! There were also several water-dwelling animals (salamanders, turtles, guppies) and she discovered how each is adapted for living in the water.

When we’d seen all the exhibits and done all the experiments, she joined the crowd outside to get wet. A snow-cone finished out the day. There were several stations we didn’t get to. Veolia water (who runs our water treatment plants) was there and the Georgia extension master gardeners were there with a rain barrel demonstration. Oh, yes. The Johns Creek Fire Department had several pieces of equipment and Katy was impressed by the rescue boat.

It was a fun and educational day and she finished off her Girl Scout Water Wonders badge. More photos of the day can be found here.

One thought on “All things H20

  1. So, fantastic! So far I've seen post from two of my friends with young children who have had great local activites today…. hers was free, I assume yours was too. We have nothing like that here. It's just too hot to be imaginative here, I guess.

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