An evening with Dolly

And it was awesome!

Waiting for the show to start

The concert was at Alpharetta’s Verizon Amphitheater. We had pretty good seats, eight rows from the front and over to the side. We lost sight of Dolly a few times, but otherwise had a pretty good view. We sat next to two guys who have been, well, touring around with her. They’d seen her in Tennessee, Texas and in North Carolina just the night before and have tickets for Florida. That’s only topped by a friend of theirs who was there and has two tickets for both London shows next month. I was happy just to see her once!

Yes, that little speck is her.
Most of my photos did not turn out!

She sang a few songs from her new album, Better Day, some by other artists (Stairway to Heaven and the Beatles’ Help), some from her new movie Joyful Noise, some gospel songs and lots of her old favorites such as Coat of Many Colors and I Will Always Love You. After singing Jolene she asked if anyone remembered it. When the clapping and cheers died down she said she’s spent the last 45 years trying to forget Jolene. She said when she and her husband first got married there was a woman who worked at the bank who was tall and pretty and lost of red hair piled high on her head. “My husband was spending more time at the bank than we had money.” She said he wasn’t doing anything, just enjoying the attention, but Dolly went and had a talk with the lady “and that was the end of that”. “Now”, she says, “I look at him over in the corner … asleep in the Lazy Boy … snoring … and I think ‘Where are you now, Jolene?'”.

A couple of years ago, Dolly and Queen Latifah were in Atlanta to film a movie called Joyful Noise (coming out in January) about a church choir. Some of the local cast and crew were guests at the concert last night. She explained that Queen Latifah got her start as a rap singer and then launched into the “Queen Latifah Rap”. “When you combine country and rap, you just get crap!”. It was funny watching Dolly do a few rap moves.

The concert ended with a sing-along of Islands in the Stream, Here You Come Again and 9 to 5. Katy was tired, ready to go home at intermission and had a hard time staying awake during the second half, but she perked up for the singalong.

All in all, it was a fun night. Although today certainly feels like “the morning after the night before”.

2 thoughts on “An evening with Dolly

  1. I love Dolly too! I went to see a Britney Spears concert is summer with my sister in laws and had a horrible time trying to take photos. It seems like the lighting crew must do something to make them turn into glowing balls of light.

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