Bridging to Juniors

Tonight was the service unit awards and bridging ceremony. We nearly missed it. For some reason I had it in my head it was at Holcomb Bridge Middle School when it was actually at Haynes Bridge. Heath thought the message said Haynes Bridge so I double-checked right before we left. Two Junior troops got their Bronze Award and one Cadette troop got their Silver. Katy said she thinks she wants to earn the Bronze. I said her troop would probably do it. Then a few troops bridged to the next level. It was a nice ceremony. Although next year maybe troop leaders should submit pronunciation guides for some of the names. The girls leading did a great job but they really struggled with some of those ethnic names.

 Katy walking across the bridge.

Her troop:

Katy on the bridge:

At home with her certificate:

And a cake to celebrate:

In her Brownie uniform for one of the last times:

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