Kallie’s 10th birthday April 2010

We had Kallie’s 10th birthday party today. It’s a little early, as her birthday isn’t until the end of the month. We had several human and Cavalier friends gather at the park. We let the dogs run around the dog park for a while, then ate cake and visited. I made cupcakes for the dogs earlier in the week and froze them. I took them out yesterday to thaw on the counter. This morning I started to ice them and noticed green flecks. The shredded carrot got moldy overnight. So I had to make another cake this morning. A friend made a wonderful white cake with strawberry filling for the humans.

Early in the party, all the dogs and people were in the dog park and Heath was at the pavilion. A couple walked by with the Cavalier and Heath asked if they were there for the party. They had no idea what he was talking about, then walked into the dog park with this gaggle of Cavaliers. What a surprise! We invite them to stay, but they had to leave. Then another guy showed up with a Cavalier and we invited him to join us and he did.

Kallie got lots of nice gifts and Buddy even got a “little brother” gift. We may never need to buy treats again! Poor Kallie had kind of a hard time. A crowd of dogs is not her idea of fun, so we had to rescue her from the corner of the dog park a couple of times. She did make friends with a lady at the park and sat on her lap for a long time. Buddy did great. I was kind of worried, since he can be bossy and food aggressive. But he did great. His breeder was there and helped me keep an eye on him.

All in all, it was a great day!

The main cake

I found these cute cups with Cavaliers on them

The doggy cake

The birthday girl

Katy opening Kallie’s presents

The guests

The doggy guests even got goody bags!

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