Adventures in Cookie Sales — March 2009

First we did deliveries of pre-orders. So I go up to this house and ask the person who had just come out “Are you (insert female name)?” No. HE wasn’t. Well, he had long hair and an earring in each ear. I about died.

So we did the deliveries this morning, then went out to do some direct sales. I never did round up a wagon, so I have cookies loaded into the dog stroller. My husband suggested the wheelbarrow. Not only are they hard to push, would you buy anything to eat out of a wheelbarrow? So we went to one house where the guy didn’t speak much English and I don’t think had ever heard of Girl Scout cookies. But he said he’d take a box of “the chocolate ones” and pointed out the Thin Mints I’d shown him. Another woman said “I’ve bought so many boxes. But it’s for a good cause, so I’ll buy another one. … I’ll buy two.” Then another woman said about the same thing. “I’ve already bought so many. Let me get my money.” It’s hard to resist temptation when it wheels up to your door in a doggy stroller. Finally, we were both hot and tired and ready to give it up. But Katy only needed to sell five more boxes to get the next prize. Then we hit the jackpot. The next door we knocked on the lady hadn’t been asked yet and bought 10 boxes. She wanted two varieties that we’d sold out of what we were carrying. So I told her we had more at the house, I’d take Katy back home, get the cookies and drive back. We were far enough away from home I didn’t want to walk again. Oh and one guy said he worked with three Girl Scout moms and had bought 12 boxes!

At least I’ve burned off some of the cookies I ate this week. Katy’s been a real trouper, too. She’s anxious for her prizes to come in. Having to wait is going to be really good for her. Kids just don’t seem to have to wait for anything these days.

She’s wearing that older Brownie uniform with the sweatshirt and leggings because it started out cold, but then it really warmed up and she about melted. So she had a big bowl of ice cream for her efforts when we got back!

Katy pushing the stroller full of cookies. If you look real hard you can see the boxes through the mesh. It actually worked really well.

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