Dana Hall

Katy was in Dana Hall last year (second west). Not her first choice and I don’t think her second or third either but for all the freshmen across the country who spent their freshmen year holed up at home in front of a computer she was just glad to be at school. Spring of 2020 […]

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A DIY dinner

A few weeks ago Katy and I were going through some old knicknacks I brought back from Singapore. We ran across this toy dish set I actually gave her years ago but hadn’t been opened in a while. I was telling her what all the dishes were and explained that the big thing on top […]

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An Easter Picnic

For Easter we went to Berry and spent the day with Katy at Berry. I made her an Easter basket and sent it a few days early so she would already have it. The pink thing is a stuffed bubble tea. It’s even reversible! Then I wrapped it in a ton of plastic to try […]

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A 2020 Christmas

Actually it really wasn’t much different than any other Christmas we have.  We didn’t go to church on Christmas Eve, which we normally would have done, but I did watch some of the service online. One of of our pastor’s sons had contracted Covid earlier in the month so the whole family had been quarantined […]

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Mysteries and Maple Syrup

I’ve been reading this series of mystery books and it features a lady who has a little bakery called The Cookie Jar. I don’t know why I keep reading them. She lives in a town of 3,000 people, there’s a murder every few months and she finds the body every single time. Why is no […]

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No longer Berry Bound

She is now Berry Arrived! We took Katy to her new home at Berry College in Rome, Georgia, today. When I woke her up this morning I asked “do you know what day it is?” She told me I woke her up before her alarm went off. I said “It’s the first day of the […]

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Graduation by Littles

Abraham Lincoln said he got his education “by littles” –  a week here and a month there. He never graduated from anything. Well, the Class of 2020 has put in a good solid 13 years or more and are now graduating by littles. A little here and a little there. We started the celebrations in […]

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And history repeats itself

I haven’t written anything in this blog because, well, nothing has happened. I thought I’d be filling it up with state Reading Bowl competition, Katy’s trip to Washington DC, some Girl Scout camping trips and a night at Hamilton. Well, none of that is happening. Also, I’ve been keeping a written journal in a notebook. […]

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Going to state!

The seniors on the Johns Creek Reading Bowl Team are finishing out high school with a bang. And the others are having a great year, too. After coming in second to Cambridge High School (only two teams) at the district level they advanced to regionals, which they’ve done every year for at least the last […]

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