Happy 156th Birthday Martha

Friday This weekend we made our first overnight trip anywhere since Covid started. It was Mountain Day at Berry College. This is a celebration of Martha Berry’s birthday, homecoming and parents’ weekend. Mountain Day started in 1914 when Miss Berry mentioned that she hadn’t had a birthday celebration since she was 16, sometime in the […]

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Dana Hall

Katy was in Dana Hall last year (second west). Not her first choice and I don’t think her second or third either but for all the freshmen across the country who spent their freshmen year holed up at home in front of a computer she was just glad to be at school. Spring of 2020 […]

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A DIY dinner

A few weeks ago Katy and I were going through some old knicknacks I brought back from Singapore. We ran across this toy dish set I actually gave her years ago but hadn’t been opened in a while. I was telling her what all the dishes were and explained that the big thing on top […]

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An Easter Picnic

For Easter we went to Berry and spent the day with Katy at Berry. I made her an Easter basket and sent it a few days early so she would already have it. The pink thing is a stuffed bubble tea. It’s even reversible! Then I wrapped it in a ton of plastic to try […]

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A 2020 Christmas

Actually it really wasn’t much different than any other Christmas we have.  We didn’t go to church on Christmas Eve, which we normally would have done, but I did watch some of the service online. One of of our pastor’s sons had contracted Covid earlier in the month so the whole family had been quarantined […]

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Mysteries and Maple Syrup

I’ve been reading this series of mystery books and it features a lady who has a little bakery called The Cookie Jar. I don’t know why I keep reading them. She lives in a town of 3,000 people, there’s a murder every few months and she finds the body every single time. Why is no […]

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No longer Berry Bound

She is now Berry Arrived! We took Katy to her new home at Berry College in Rome, Georgia, today. When I woke her up this morning I asked “do you know what day it is?” She told me I woke her up before her alarm went off. I said “It’s the first day of the […]

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Graduation by Littles

Abraham Lincoln said he got his education “by littles” –  a week here and a month there. He never graduated from anything. Well, the Class of 2020 has put in a good solid 13 years or more and are now graduating by littles. A little here and a little there. We started the celebrations in […]

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And history repeats itself

I haven’t written anything in this blog because, well, nothing has happened. I thought I’d be filling it up with state Reading Bowl competition, Katy’s trip to Washington DC, some Girl Scout camping trips and a night at Hamilton. Well, none of that is happening. Also, I’ve been keeping a written journal in a notebook. […]

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